Cirrus Logic Enables Reference Design Targeting $199 Information Appliances for the Windows NT Environment

Cirrus Logic's ARM-Based System-On-Chip Solutions Continue to Gain Momentum

FREMONT, Calif. -- June 22, 1998 -- Cirrus Logic Inc. (NASDAQ:CRUS) today announced that its ARM-based system-on-chip solution (PS7500FE) has been selected by leading UK design consultant Acorn Group for its new thin-client terminal reference design, DeskLite. Aimed at the low-cost information appliance market, DeskLite provides access to the full range of Microsoft applications in a $199 terminal and is specifically designed to support Citrix Systems Inc. new MetaFrame and established WinFrame thin-client/server software for Windows NT.

Acorn has developed the reference design of DeskLite around Cirrus Logic's PS7500FE ARM-based system-on-chip solution, providing Acorn customers with a quick time-to-market solution with unparalleled levels of integration. The PS7500FE incorporates a 32-bit ARM RISC with advanced peripheral functions, including a floating point co-processor, a display controller and all of the major system functions necessary to minimize and eliminate external device requirements.

"Our estimates show that a manufacturer could take this design, add their style of packaging and achieve a mass market volume end-user price of under $200," said Steve France, senior marketing manager for Information Appliances at Acorn. "In addition, the superior levels of integration that ARM-based chip sets allow will ensure that OEMs can achieve a fast turn-around in their time-to-market. We see applications for DeskLite both in commerce and the home, and Acorn plans to offer reference designs addressing both of these areas." "Acorn's selection of our ARM-based system-on-chip solution represents the tremendous momentum Cirrus Logic has garnered in the emerging Internet appliance market," said Matt Perry, vice president and general manager of Cirrus Logic's newly-formed Embedded Processor Products Division. "Acorn's Desklite reference design is set to initiate a new wave of consumer computing, and we will pioneer the chip solutions required by these new products."

About Cirrus Logic's PS7500FE Family

With the industry's most highly-integrated ARM-based system-on-chip solution for the Internet appliance market, Cirrus Logic's PS7500FE family has captured more than 25 design wins for Internet-enabled appliances, such as set-top boxes for Internet access using TVs, screen-phones, and game boxes.

Cirrus Logic's PS7500FE solution offers an unprecedented level of integration. It includes a 32-bit ARM processor with cache and MMU; a Floating Point Unit supporting single, double and extended precision that accelerates Java applets and audio/video codecs; a true-color (24-bit) display controller with support for both CRT and LCD panel (single/dual scan); CD-quality audio controller; memory controller with support for EDO DRAM, SRAM, Flash and ROM; ISA-style bus controller to connect to a Cirrus Logic CS8900 Ethernet controller; PS-2 style keyboard and mouse controller; as well as a dedicated interface to Cirrus Logic's 56K modem technology. The Cirrus Logic PS7500FE's unique architecture allows the chip to share system memory and thus eliminates the need for separate SRAM and Flash memory to run the modem-only code that is required by all other chipset vendors.

About Acorn Group's DeskLite Information Appliance

Acorn's DeskLite reference design includes a parallel printer, monitor or TV connection, 10-Base T or modem network I/F, keyboard and mouse connections and a 16-bit audio codec along with Cirrus Logic's PS7500FE ARM-based system-on-chip solution. The DeskLite is designed to be connected to WinFrame or MetaFrame servers via Citrix's Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) protocol across almost any network infrastructure, from Ethernet to standard telephone lines, with LAN-like performance. Acorn's DeskLite reference design provides extensive functionality for application access and peripheral support, enabling businesses, education and consumers to access the most advanced Windows-based applications executing 100% from Citrix servers. Acorn plans to offer the DeskLite information appliance to computer and consumer electronics manufacturers to facilitate the development of low-cost, low-complexity devices designed to access information and applications. Acorn expects information appliances based on the DeskLite reference design to be available in early 1999.

About Citrix Systems Thin-Client/Server Solutions

Citrix MetaFrame thin-client/server software is transforming the way organizations deploy, manage and access business applications across the extended enterprise - regardless of client hardware, operating platform, network connection or available bandwidth - providing improved application manageability, access, performance and security. MetaFrame software works in conjunction with Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Terminal Server Edition to deliver a comprehensive thin-client/server solution for the entire enterprise - including support for heterogeneous computing environments, enterprise-scale management and seamless desktop integration.

About Citrix ICA

With over one million concurrent user licenses since its introduction in 1995, the Citrix ICA is an emerging industry standard for thin-client/server computing. Citrix's ICA includes a server software component, a network protocol component and a client software component. On the server, ICA separates application logic from the user interface and executes 100% of the application on the server. The ICA network protocol transports keystrokes, mouse clicks and screen updates over standard protocols to the client, consuming less than 20 kilobits-per-second of network bandwidth. On the client, users see and work only with the application's interface.

Acorn Group

Devices based on Acorn's reference platform have options to support Java, RealAudio plug-ins for HTML 3.2 compliant browsers and e-mail clients, and can be used with any Internet Service Provider. Acorn's CL-PS7500FE-based solution has been licensed to RCA-Thomson, Zenith, NTT, Proton Boca-Research, Curtis Mathes, Samsung, Funai and many other major consumer appliance vendors.

Cirrus Logic

Cirrus Logic is a premier supplier of system-level integrated circuits that demand high-performance mixed-signal processing. The company applies its system expertise to enable high-volume applications in data storage, networking, and multimedia for both computing and consumer electronics markets as well as ultra-precision data acquisition applications for industrial automation and instrumentation markets.

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